What is X-AgoraTM?

X-Agora by Moment Factory is a software suite for interactive media management and playback. It is scalable, compatible with popular media formats, supports connectivity with various sensors and input, and makes it possible to deploy content onto surfaces of almost any shape or size with a sophisticated projection mapping tool.

What’s more, X-Agora’s Scheduler gives you 24/7 control of your permanent X-Agora installations via a convenient web interface.

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X-Agora allows you to explore unseen territories and provides opportunities for enhanced public art experiences by creating stunning visuals and letting performers and participants engage with public spaces, lights, videos, special effects, sound, and music to create memorable moments.


X-Agora’s interactive media system captures and processes data in real-time to create truly interactive media content on multiple displays: a video wall, a multi-projection stage screen, or an architectural facade.

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X-Agora allows you to sense movements and sounds happening in the real world and let the audience transform light, video and sound into a rich immersive private or public experience.