Ode à la Vie, Sagrada Familia – Barcelona

Sagrada Familia Ode a la Vie

X-Agora was used by Moment Factory to create the first sound and light spectacle to be projected on the façade of the iconic Sagrada Familia in Barcelona. X-Agora’s projection mappping capabilities – as well as its camera calibration and automatic blending tools – allowed technicians to turn this intricate cathedral into a seamless projection screen in less than 6 hours. Three technicians worked in parallel, and had a rough mapping completed within an hour.

Between the scheduled projection shows, X-Agora was also used to turn the Sagrada Familia into a giant interactive display. Crowd members were able to use a cellphone to control a virtual point light, particles and create water ripples on the complex surface, creating a dazzling interactive experience.

X-Agora facilitated the creative process from beginning to end by providing a consistent environment from the test phase through to deployment. Artists were able to preview their content on a 3D scan of the Sagrada Familia’s façade, and then scale-up the X-Agora system when it came time to deploy the show.