Imagine Dragons


To create the Smoke + Mirrors 2015 experience, the band teamed up with Moment Factory. We’d worked together before, handling creative direction for the “Gold” music video, a live performance at the AMAs, the Smoke + Mirrors album launch and listening party, and a live TV spot for a Target ad featuring the single “Shots,” recorded outdoors in downtown Las Vegas during the 2015 Grammys.
The tour is the next step in a relationship of developing ease and open communication. All along, we’ve worked with the band from the basis of a conscious decision to create connections in perspective and perception—hints we’ve been dropping along the way. The show is the culmination of that process.

Making Smoke + Mirrors 2015 was an eminently collaborative effort. It was forged in a collective creative spirit and a shared desire to take the audience on a transformative trip through a world that starts flat and colorless, moves through full-color 3D realism, and past that into surrealistic distortion, psychedelia and ethereal beauty.