Interactive Media Management and Playback

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Scalable System

X-Agora is a fully scalable system that can meet the needs of any production. With X-Agora’s expandable client/server architecture, adding a controller or a video playback module to your setup is easy. As your production requirements fluctuate, so can your system.


X-Agora is an open platform with a constantly increasing compatibility with third party applications. As of now, X-Agora is compatible with most of the 2D and 3D standard production platforms of the industry such as 3DS Max, Maya, Touch Designer, DMX, OSC, and SMPTE, to facilitate the production from design to integration within the same platform.


X-Agora provides maximum flexibility to integrate cutting edge multimedia devices. Motion sensors, video screens, projectors, smartphone sensors, Third-party multimedia software tools, and data sources can be connected to your X-Agora system.

Simplified Workflow

X-Agora makes designing and running challenging shows easier by simplifying the workflow of bringing together different types of content to create media environments. The intuitive user interface is easy to use and navigate following conventions in post-production applications. The web-based interface for scheduling allows non-experts to schedule and manage content for their installations as well.

Real Time Interactivity

X-Agora allows users to connect sensor data to real-time visual effects with an easy to use drag and drop interface. TUIO and OSC inputs can be connected to a variety of shaders, timeline controls and particle systems to generate dynamic interactive effects.


When it comes to 3D virtualization and mapping, performance is crucial. X-Agora is a multi-purpose system that is optimized to run smoothly and take advantage of the latest advancements in hardware. Whether it’s about outputting multiple 4K videos, doing low latency live capture, rendering large particle systems or creating complex projection studies, X-Agora will utilize the hardware performance in order to produce a stunning and memorable experience.

3D Engine

Preview interactive features or complex multi-screen video playback in a 3D virtualization. X-Agora's 3D engine makes it easy to preview your show, make crucial pre-delivery decisions with no extensive test setup, and out-of-the-box GPU-accelerated 3D effects.

Projection Mapping

With X-Agora, you can use the projection medium as part of the content. Using its unique reverse mapping technique you can project the content onto 3D shapes, taking advantage of automatic blending without distortion. This allows you to create complex projection mapping projects. Traditional 2D warping and 4 point keystone techniques are also available with a manual blending option.