Interactive Media Management and Playback

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Scalable System

X-Agora is a fully scalable system that can meet the needs of any production. With X-Agora’s expandable client/server architecture, adding a controller or a video playback module to your setup is easy. As your production requirements fluctuate, so can your system.

Compatibility & Scriptability

X-Agora is an open platform whose compatibility with 3rd party application is constantly extending. As of now, X-Agora is compatible with Flash, 3DS Max, Maya, Touch Designer, Max/Msp, DMX, OSC, SMPTE, etc. X-Agora is highly scriptable and has an extensive LUA API for developers. Developers can also code c++ plugins for X-Agora.


The X-Agora suite provides maximum flexibility to integrate cutting edge multimedia devices. Motion sensors, video screens, projectors, smartphone sensors, 3rd party multimedia software tools, and data sources can be connected to your X-Agora system.

Broadcast Integration

X-Agora can easily be integrated with broadcast systems given its rock-solid HD/SDI support. Each X-Agora Player has two HD SDI output plugged directly in the video matrix and driven by an external clock.

Real Time Interactivity

X-Agora allows the audience to transform light, video and sound into a rich immersive public experience. Use X-Agora's extensive scripting interface to quickly integrate custom functionality and interactivity directly onto your timelines.


Performance is very important for us. When it comes to 3D virtualization and mapping, performance is a crucial part. X-Agora multi-purpose system that is optimized to run smoothly on personal computers.

3D Engine

Preview interactive features or complex multi-screen video playback in a 3D virtualization. X-Agora's 3D engine makes it easy to preview your show, make crucial pre-delivery decisions with no extensive test setup, and out-of-the-box GPU accelerated 3D effects.


With X-Agora, you can use the projection medium as part of the content. With X-Agora you can project your content on 3D shapes taking advantage of automatic blending without distortion on the shape.